Support agent Career kit

The Customer Success Professional's Handbook
By Ashvin Vaidyanathan, Ruben Rabago

Reference book
The Seven Pillars of Customer Success
By Wayne McCulloch

Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn
By Nick Mehta

Beginner to Mid
What Customers Crave: How To Create Relevant And Memorable Experiences
By Nicholas J. Webb

Beginner to Mid
Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days
By Joey Coleman

Mid to Advanced
HYPERGROWTH: How the Customer-Driven Model Is Revolutionizing Businesses
By David Cancel

Mid to Advanced
The Startup's Guide to Customer Success
By Jennifer Chiang

Org/Team building
Onboarding Matters: How Successful Companies Transform New Customers
By Donna Weber

Customer Adoption
The Outcome Generation: How a New Generation of Technology Vendors Thrives
By Paul J Henderson

Advanced Tech

Blogs, Newsletters

Last update: Nov 19 '21


Customer Success Manager: Fundamentals to your CSM career
Length:        2hrs on-demand
# Students: 14K+
Level:            Beginner
Price: 9.9 EUR
Customer Success | How to Actively Engage Your Customers
Length:        1.5hrs on-demand
# Students: 8K+
Level:            Beginner-Mid
Price: 9.9 EUR
Sales: Customer Success
Length:        1hr on-demand
# Students: 51K+
Level:            Mid level
Customer Success Manager (DTCSM) v2.1
Length:        3 days e-learning
# Students: 10K+
Level:            Mid-Adv
Price: 800 USD
Working with Upset Customers
Length:        1hr on-demand
# Students: 408K+
Level:            Mid level
CS-101: Mastering Customer Success Key Concepts
Length:        On-demand
# Students: NA
Level:            Beginner-Mid
Price: 20 USD
How to get a job in Customer Success
Length:        1 day e-learning
# Students: NA
Level:           Mid level
Price: 227 USD
90-Day Customer Success Accelerator
Length:        90 days
# Students: NA
Level:            Mid-Adv
Price: 16,500 USD


CSM Certification Program
Length: 15 Classes (8 or 15 weeks)

Price: 1,495 USD
Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management
Length: 6 months accelerated Price: 13,680 USD
CCSM Certification levels 1-4
Length: 48 Courses - 45 hrs of video

Price: 529 USD/yr
Certified Customer Success Management Professional (CCSMP)
Length: 40 hrs self-paced videos
Price: $1437 USD
CSM Bootcamp
Length: NA

Price: Custom
Last update: Nov 19 '21
Gain Grow Retain: B2B SaaS Customer Success

: 175+
Reading For Success - Kristen Hayer                          

: 60+
Humans of SaaS -, Ben Winn                       

: 55+
Women in Customer Success Podcast

: 55+
The Jasons take on - Jason Whitehead & Jason Noble

: 60+
Strikedeck Radio: Customer Success Live - Kristen Hayer

: 110+
The Unwritten Playbook - Megan Bowen

: 40+
The inSide Scoop on Customer Success                     

: 15+
The Customer Success Channel - Planhat & Anika Zubair

: 45+
Customer Success Channel | CSM Practice

: 175+
Subscribers: 4.4K+
Bhavika & Lotte CS Chat Show

: 10+

Customer Success communities

5.5K+ members
1.5K+ members
48K+ members
31K+ members
2.2K+ members
1.6K+ members
~1K members
Last update: Feb '22
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